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Your most valuable resource...

And the critical decisions you make now on how to grow and develop your practice in the months and years ahead will determine whether you leverage your time, or waste it.  



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The Current State of The Industry

Trending Prospect Psychology

The Case For Becoming A Virtual Advisor


The Current State of The Industry

We now operate in the most competitive, crowded, and "noisy" version of the financial services industry that has ever existed.  

The COVID-19 pandemic left a permanent impact on our industry.  From how we conduct business, to how prospects find us and engage, we saw a massive trend where our entire lives moved online overnight.  

With thousands of advisors nationwide scrambling to market themselves online and learn how to close business remotely, there was no shortage of pop-up vendors who suddenly touted themselves as "experts" in digital marketing.  Whether it was IMO's, RIA's, or digital lead marketers trying to capitalize on the pain of desperate advisors clawing for their next qualified appointment, countless advisors wasted precious marketing dollars on sources who ended up having no real world experience generating quality leads online.  

The primary dilemma is simply this:  Most legitimate digital marketers are not financial advisors and do not speak our required regulatory language; but at the same time, most financial advisors are not digital marketers.  Therefore, as critical as it is -- crafting a marketing message that will not only grab and captivate the interest of high net worth prospects nationwide while staying within a compliant framework -- is an unachievable reality for so many advisors.  

The expertise we bring to the table marries those two areas of expertise together.  We have decades of both financial planning industry experience, as well as digital marketing experience that dates back to the very pioneering days of offering financial services online.  

Let us guide you on the specifics of what to say, how to say it, and how to structure your online presence in such a way that superior results come to rest exactly where their should -- right on top of your bottom line. 

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Trending Prospect Psychology 

Prospects are overloaded with information these days, but they are receiving very little guidance on what to actually DO with all the boilerplate information and quotes they are already buried under.

This results in overthinking, paranoia, and paralysis to where they begin fearing making a mistake with their retirement MORE than the fear of the original problem they are trying to solve that got them researching to begin with.  

Prospects must be nurtured and educated correctly more now than just about any other time in our industry.  The problem is no advisor actually has enough time in a given month to painstakingly take every new lead through that kind of in-depth educational process, yet that very process is critical to you beating out the fierce competition and closing business in this modern highly-competitive environment. 


However, the solution is extremely simple!


You must turn yourself into a machine.  Specifically, you must turn yourself (your best salesperson and educator) into an automated video/PDF lesson version of yourself, and offer consumers the opportunity to progress through an educational learning center microsite where the video version and PDF download version of yourself can properly educate, diffuse common objections, quantify their legitimate pain points, demonstrate unique planning solutions/knowledge, and give them hope that you actually have the tools and skill required to not just manage their biggest problems, but actually SOLVE them once and for all.

It's literally like cloning yourself into a team of 10 advisors/salespeople working right under you….immediately!  

Imagine having a process that attracts HNW prospects, educates them, and in essence delivers the same “first appointment” experience that they would have if they had had a live meeting with you, but does so on an automated process through video and PDF downloads. 

It's time to use technology to turn yourself into an automated prospecting machine, and we have the tools & resources available to help you do it in the most cost effective manner.


The Case for Becoming A Virtual Advisor 

The entire world is going digital...

We believe firmly that in this post-pandemic world we now live in, the ability to effectively conduct business remotely -- especially within the financial services industry -- has now morphed from a luxury/novelty into an absolute necessity. 

Every day now, advisors across the country are making the transition to a virtual business model.  They are expanding their prospecting efforts far beyond their local market, and the advisors who are armed with the right tools & techniques are taking high net worth prospects away from local advisors who are still trying to rely on traditional marketing efforts.  

This new evolution taking place in our industry will force you to make critical decisions about your business development and growth strategies.  The Fit will adapt and survive, but those who fail to position themselves on the front end of this tidal wave of digital growth and expansion will sadly face extinction.  

Don't get left behind!

At the Office

The advisors who are correctly laying their virtual foundations now, WILL be controlling the lion's share of qualified leads in the months and years to come.  

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