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Explosive growth is the natural result  
of a properly designed virtual practice 

Meet the advisors who are living it now everyday...

What Advisors Are Saying About Our Virtual Tools & Training

"It didn't take long at all after adding the ARIS Software & Virtual Advisor Sales System to my appointment process before I closed the largest single case of my career.  A $5 million dollar annuity premium -- from 5 states away over a web meeting!  I could not have done it without the power of this system."
David C.
Advisor, Michigan
"I cannot say enough about how powerful the Virtual Advisor Acceleration System & ARIS Software has been for my business and mindset.  It's not often you find something that can change your career.  Since adding the ARIS Software, I have redeveloped my entire process around it, and have literally QUADRUPLED my business in less than 8 months!  Final quarter of 2021 was over $200k in gross commissions.  First quarter of 2022 has already exceeded that as I am averaging over $100k a month in annuity commissions!"
Amanda H.
Advisor, Florida
"I started using this system over a year ago and it has been an enormous difference in my ability to move annuity premium.  I have also transitioned mainly virtual now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so having a tool like ARIS available for my Zoom calls is priceless.  I am closing business from all across the country now."
Greg G.
Advisor, Kansas
" The Virtual Advisor Acceleration System is the best program I've seen in my 23 year career.  The sales training is second to none, and my ability to close business nationally now is exploding my practice in ways I could have only dreamed of.  My only regret is that I didn't find this system 10 years ago."
Joe R.
Advisor, North Carolina
"The very FIRST time I took the ARIS Software out on an appointment, I closed a $500,000 annuity case.  I was literally in shock how easy it was!"
Jimmy H.
Advisor, TX

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